Bilan and The Path to Red Stones

Habo, Somalia is home to a five-year-old girl named Bilan Fuduma. For generations her ancestors have escaped the harsh demented genocides of ominous Leader Daahir Idil. In 2030 Daahir, led by his son Nadifa will forge war on the country once and for all. The father son duo’s purpose will be to deplete the struggling country of all its natural resources. The village begin to crumble until Bilan takes a heroic stand. Her courage will cement her as enemy number one by Nadifa and his henchmen. In the midst of the deadly massacre a spiritual guide leads Bilan out of battle and to the path of sacred red stones. Once there, like every Somali child before her, Bilan will be given a distinct choice. She will have just days to choose the path of her destiny, but the choice will come at a severe cost. The pressure from Nadifa and his militant army will force an unexpected decision by Bilan. What happens next will shift Bilan into a place she never thought imaginable. Her path will be altered forever and the world will never be the same again.


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