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The B-Gene: If You Have it They Will Find You
College Freshmen Caleb Prescott attends a HBCU on the outskirts of Washington, DC. Within hours of his arrival, every historic black University in America falls under attack, in the shadows of what national television coverage describes as “storms.”
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The B-Gene ll: The Rise of Akache
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Volonians: Mysteries of the Vondercrat
Volonia, a magical planet, is home to millions of beautiful, charismatic expressive Witches and Warlocks.
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Why Boys Are Afraid of the Dark
In 1994, an unbreakable bond is forged between five young boys who discover a dark presence lurking in the hear of their small
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Volonians: The Awakening of the Au Vyndure
The second part in the Volonian series. The story continues as courageous twins Broc and Shenzara Cutter find themselves
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Bilan and the Path to Red Stones
In the midst of the deadly massacre, a spiritual guide leads Bilan out of battle and to the path of sacred reds stones.
- Carlos Hardy
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I Got That Gene T-Shirt (Black)
Get your B-Gene T-Shirt to let everyone know you got that Gene.
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I Got That Gene T-Shirt (White)
Get you B-Gene T-Shirt to let everyone know you got that Gene.
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